Please provide input for us for the family requesting a reference with Safe Families for Children. They are applying to become a Host Family for a child or children or they are applying to support host families as a Family Coach or they are applying to become a Family Friend Mentor. They also will be seeking to build relationships to support the families they will be partnered with.

Host Families : Host Families open up their home on a temporary basis (average of 6 weeks, but may extend up to a year or longer) to provide a safe place and loving atmosphere to children in crisis. Respite Hosts are also needed to step in to give a Host Family a break so they can run errands, shop, take a break, or go on vacation. You can specify preferred ages and genders, as well as the number of children you can accommodate.

Family Coaches : Coaches coordinate placements, help keep track of all the moving pieces, and are an integral part of our ministry. They meet with Host Families to ensure they have the support they need, monitor child safety, and talk with the placing parents to ensure they are moving forward and have access to needed resources. Family Coaches are supported by Safe Families staff and can come to them with any questions or concerns. 

Family Friends:  Family Friend Mentors support parents in need by befriending, coaching, and offering moral support until their situation has begun to stabilize, helping them improve their parenting and home environment. Safe Families staff will connect you with an at-risk family that would benefit from a healthy support system and mentoring friendship. 

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