Becoming a Family Coach is a unique and rewarding experience. If you are interested in supporting Host Families, monitoring child safety, providing families in crisis with needed resources, and helping to encourage the relationship between the placing family and the host family, follow the simple steps outlined below to become a certified Safe Families Family Coach volunteer.

A Family Coach has four general roles. Depending on the situation and the skills and background of the Family Coach they may focus primarily on the first two and rely on the staff Family Coach Supervisor for the other two.

  1. Support the Host Family 
  2. Monitor the safety and care of the child in placement
  3. Provide community resource referrals to the placement parent 
  4. Encourage and support the relationship between the Host Family and placing parent 


  1. Submit an Online Application
  2. You may find some of our questions quite personal, but it's important that we get to know you as well as possible. We need to make sure that all Safe Families volunteers are well equipped to handle their responsibilities.

    • Click Here to access the Safe Families for Children coach application
    • From the region drop down, select: Portland-OR
  3. Complete the Online Training
  4. We ask our Family Coaches to complete the Host family Training, as well as the Family Coach training. The total amount of time for both is approximately 3-5 hours. It is broken up into smaller segments so you can go at your own pace.

    • The new on-line training for Family Coach volunteers includes Safe Families Core Training and Host Family Training. Family Coach Training can be accessed through the "SFFC Community Hub": The Enrollment Key for the Safe Families Core Training is “coretraining”, The Enrollment Key for the Host Family Training is “hostfamily”, The Enrollment Key for the Family Coach Training is “familycoach”.
  5. Submit Background Check
  6. The following are the steps to getting a background check. Kindred Partners will cover the fee so it is free for you. You will need to follow the link provided to access the Central Background Registry. Make sure you read all of the steps listed below before starting:

    • Click Here to submit an online background check
    • On the second screen, choose: "I have been specifically requested by the Safe Families and Children Programs to apply for enrollment in the Central Background Registry for employment or volunteer work."
    • From the requester agency drop down, select: “Safe Families and Children – Kindred Partners”
    • In the Enter Your Code box, type: SFC93097
    • Fill out the background check form in its entirety
    • No fees are required for Safe Families volunteers to complete the initial background check online. A small fee ($10-$15) for fingerprinting is payable online upon setting your appointment
    • After you’ve completed the background check, you’ll receive a letter from the State of Oregon with instructions for fingerprinting
  7. Provide Drivers License and Proof of Insurance
  8. In the Safe Families for Children Family Coach Application you include your Oregon Drivers License number. By applying to be a Safe Families for Children Family Coach for Greater Portland you are consenting to allow Kindred Partners to run a DMV records check.

    • Email photo or scan of current ODL and auto insurance card to
  9. Get References
  10. It is our policy to recruit Safe Families for Children volunteers whose lives reflect compassion, stability, and strong personal values and morals. Volunteers need to provide three references from people who can attest to these aspects of their lives (one of which must be from pastoral leadership).

    • Please be sure to include the names of three references when you complete your application. However, you are in charge of getting the reference forms to your references.
    • You can cut and paste this link and provide to your references by email to give them access to our online form: "". Once they submit the form it will be automatically sent to us.
  11. Interview with Family Coach Supervisor
  12. After all steps above are completed the Family Coach Supervisor will set up a face to face interview. Feel free to check in with us by email "" or call 503-906-1026 to inquire about what you have left to complete.

  13. Final Approval
  14. Approved Family Coaches will receive final approval by email from Safe Families for Children for the Greater Portland Area office after all steps are completed.



Cell:  (503) 906-1027