Safe Families for Children: Greater Portland Area

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When crisis strikes -- perhaps an illness, loss of a job, eviction, substance abuse, or so much more – some families in our community don’t have a supportive network to turn to. Sadly, as the parents struggle to cope with the crisis, their children are especially at risk.

Safe Families for Children is a movement of compassion – compassion for both the parents and their kids. We are prepared to step alongside and help so the parents can focus on the overwhelming issues they are grappling with.

Our Objectives

The three objectives of Safe Families for Children are:

  1. Keep children safe during a family crisis such as homelessness, hospitalization, or domestic violence in an effort to prevent child abuse and/or neglect.

  2. Support, and stabilize families in crisis by surrounding them with caring, compassionate community.

  3. Reunite families and reduce the number of children entering the child welfare system.

Our Core Values

Radical Hospitality
Compassion fueled by Mercy
Disruptive Generosity

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Stories of Hope